David Hadden

New Single Released November 2020

David Hadden is a pioneer of British congregational praise whose work came into wider view in the UK in 1980's via Mission Praise and Spring Harvest.  'Living Under the Shadow of His Wing' is a fine example of his craft.

It has been an absolute privilege for us to produce a new song he has written during lockdown in 2020.  'When Two or Three Meet' has now been released as a single on digital platforms:

David explains how he came to write the song :

Back in the middle of lockdown, in the Summer of 2020, my wife and I began to hear people talking about this subject:


“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.”  (Matthew 20v18)


We weren’t allowed to travel anywhere, so our home became our world.  We had been breaking bread, praying for and blessing people as we did, and of course we were worshippers as we both went about doing the things that God had put before us.  


As time went on, I had an idea to write a song that spoke of this very thing.  Of course, what you hear now bears no resemblance to the early ideas, but as edits took place in the lyric and melodic content it began to take shape.  Actually, it was still taking shape as we recorded it!  Ha Ha!   


Nigel and Julie have been an amazing encouragement to me with this song, and have done a great job on the production.  I am so grateful. 

Watch Video :