Christmas album

Review by worship leader Robin Mark:              (Writer of the song 'These are the Days of Elijah')

This is probably the finest Christmas album I’ve listened to for a long, long time!.


As befits their name, Celtish have fused Celtic instrumentation and melodies into many of the favourite Christmas Carols that we all know and love. The result, given the incredible musicianship and arrangements on the project, is a wonderfully pleasing album that captures the sound of the season completely and should be the background to everyone’s Christmas this year!.


The musicianship is first class, not only from Nigel and Julie themselves, but also from the array of world class guest musicians like Dave Bainbridge, Terl Bryant and Phil Hart who have contributed to it. And the recording and mix is absolutely excellent.


It is rare, I think, these days, to find a seasonal album that is nothing more than a few old recordings cobbled together for a quick sale at Christmas. Not so here. This is undoubtedly a carefully and lovingly prepared and executed work of art with original ideas and beautiful music and mix.


The final track on the album is a little diversion for the team that may not be appreciated by everyone, but it underscores the family aspect of Christmas-time, so we can easily forgive that small indulgence


10 out of 10 and a must-have!! 


Robin Mark 
(November 2017)