Celtish Concerts

Sussex and Kent

October 2018

Nigel's New Photography Website



Nigel is excited to announce the launch of his new photography website to inspire everyone with the wonders of God's Creation.

He hopes to be a regular blogger from the site and you can read his first blog here:

Patrick the Musical - CDs have arrived!

Maggie Jemmett has written a brand new musical about the story and life of Saint Patrick which we helped her record for a CD and produced backing tracks for the stage version.


Maggie assembled a small touring cast 'The Lost and Found Theatre Company' who performed the musical in Northern Ireland in March.  Nigel plays the part of 'Old Patrick' and Julie is narrator (who sings the story).    FIND OUT MORE


See photos from our Northern Ireand tour:


Recording 'Celtsh Christmas' meant a very busy schedule of concerts in December. You can see some photos from these concerts here.

Nigel and Julie travelled with The Worship Company to Norway in February 2018.


Wytze's first book about prayer has now been translated into four languages and Volume two is about to be published in French.


A follow up to Emerald album may be recorded later this year. 


Nigel and Julie were guest soloist at Epiphany's 'Classics at Christmas' concert.


The whole concert was professionally filmed and you can watch the performances here.

Nigel and Julie have been supporting the charity Home for Good at some of their concerts and also through selling Nigel's all-age worship album 'Get Real' album which you can buy here.

Nigel longs to use his photography more to help draw others into an appreciation of the wonders of God's Creation.  He is in the early stages of planning to publish a coffee-table style book of his 'Scenes of Wonder' images.  You can view and purchase some of his images by clicking on the attached link: