Epiphany is an adaptable music ensemble of professional musicians (including Nigel & Julie) offering creative musical events with an emphasis on improvisation and innovation. We offer a wide range of musical styles - from more formal classical concerts to our unique ‘Sound Portraits’.


We offer a wide range of musical styles and expressions, however. We tailor our music events according to the environment we are working in — everything from concerts to gentle relaxation music to spontaneous improvised music events at art galleries and other public events – all designed to fully engage with our audience.


We have worked in many different contexts: from art galleries to the Houses of Parliament; from charities working with asylum seekers and recovering alcoholics/drug addicts to care homes and hospices; from formal concert venues to community events.

Fresh perspectives through improvisation

 We have a passion for excellence in the arts and a shared Christian faith which we believe combines to bring a fresh experience to the listener. We believe that music can communicate beyond spoken words and has the capacity to engage the listener in creative ways. Music has a role not just to entertain but also to enhance the quality of life itself by bringing space into our fast-paced, hectic lives, relieving stress and bringing new perspectives.

 Epiphany is available for booking for concerts, arts events, community outreach, business functions, educational workshops and other creative events.

'Into the Deep' CD

Includes instrumental versions of Nigel's song 'Creator God'

and Julie's song 'Your Name'.

'Seam of Gold' CD

Improvisations recorded during lockdown 2020/2021

most of which feature Nigel & Julie