'Sounds of Wonder' Artists


(Nigel & Julie)

 'Celtish' is the title of the first recording we (Nigel & Julie /Sounds of Wonder) have made of our own unique sound.  It takes the form of an instrumental album featuring Celtic melodies that we love and powerful new compositions, played on Irish whistles and fiddle/violin.  Whist 'Celtish' is the name of our first album, it will also serve as our band name when we perform Celtic folk music at home or abroad, with guest musicians to supplement our sound. 

Our first vocal album together, 'Celtish Christmas', was released in 2017

Our 2019 album of Celtic Songs, Hymns & Prayers is 'Celtish Devotion'

 'Celtish Home' was released in 2021:

Celtish Christmas Vol.2 album followed later in 2021:

Celtish Journey was released in Nov 2023 and is now available to buy on CD:

Rodney Gale

 Singer songwriter Rodney Gale teamed up with Nigel & Julie in July 2019 to produce an album of his songs.

The recording is now complete and Rodney's debut album 'Pilgrim Road' is available on CD and digital platforms.

Linda Entwistle

Linda Entwistle, singer/songwriter and pianist from our Epiphany group, has asked us to produce an album of her songs. We started recording at Raindance Studios in April 2022 and the album of 14 songs 'A Lifetime' was released on CD in December 2022.

Maggie Jemmett

Maggie is a retired music teacher from  Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. In 2015 she wrote a musical called 'Lost and Found' based on the story of the Prodigal Son.  We helped her develop the songs and record professional backing tracks for them.  This musical has been made into a resource for others to use.  

2018 sees  the launch of Maggie's second production 'Patrick the Musical'  - a double length CD telling the story of the life of Saint Patrick.

Wytze Valkema

Wytze is the Dutch worship leader who formed 'The Worship Company' with us in 2014.  We believed in the power of his songs so much that they became the first project for Sounds of Wonder to record in 2015.  The result is our debut album, 'Emerald' 

The follow-up album 'Ring of Fire' was released in 2020:

A new album of Wytze's songs for 2023 called 'A Living Sacrifice' is now available to pre-order.

David Hadden

 Veteran worship leader and pioneer of British congregational praise, David Hadden, asked us to produce a new album of original songs, many of which  he'd written during lockdown . 'Heaven Sings' is now available to pre-order:

Lauren Leigh


Lauren Leigh from East Sussex is a composer and singer songwriter whose day job is as a piano tuner.  She has released several albums of instrumental music and was excited to work with Sounds of Wonder to create an EP of some of her songs. Work on this project started in October 2022. The album 'Songs in the Key of Leigh' is now available on CD and download.

Julie Hall

Julie Cameron-Hall is an English folk singer and classically trained violin player. She recorded her first CD in 2006 and now has five albums to her name. Her two most recent albums launched her more into the prophetic worship arena in England and throughout Europe. 

Nigel Cameron

Nigel Cameron, a percussionist / Irish whistle player, photographer and worship leader from Belfast, recorded his first solo album of worship songs, 'Sunrise to Sunset' in 2012, while on a career break from the Civil Service. In 2014 he also recorded a kids album of all-age songs called 'Get Real'.  

Artists in development:

Jane & James Horsfall

James & Jane Horsfall from Jersey are amazing songwriters and musicians. We've made them a promise that we will help produce an album of their songs as soon as we passibly can.

Watch this space!

Associated Artists:

Paul & Rachel Verheul

Julie's daughter & son-in-law are fantastic musicians and worship leaders. We helped them complete the mixing of their debut album 'Wide Open' which also featured Julie's violin and our contribution to crowd vocals

Jim & Sue Socci

Julie's sister and brother-in-law are worship leaders & songwriters. Nigel played some whistles and percussion on both of their albums, and was graphic designer for 'Unveil my Eyes'

Rob Parker

Rob is a gifted worship leader/songwriter with whom we played all over the country and abroad. We both played and sung on his most recent projects 'Awaken the Coastlands' and 'Intimercy' - two highly recommended albums.


Epiphany is our classical ensemble who love to improvise as well as perform classical music. 'Into the Deep' is an album of reflective music composed and/or improvised by members and includes instrumental versions of one of Nigel's and two of Julie's songs.

Phil Hart

Phil Hart from Belfast has been a friend of Nigel's since they were teenagers. His exquisite fingerstyle guitar playing has featured in several of our 'Celtish' albums. Nigel has played on all of his albums. His latest solo project is a series of guitar instrumentals which he is releasing as singles on digital platforms.

Dave Bainbridge

The music of the Celtic Rock band Iona has been a huge influence on both of us.  Dave, one of their founder members who also plays in Strawbs, Lifesigns and his own Celestial Fire band, has played on many of our albums and recently asked us to play on his new solo album.

Russ Sargeant

Russ is a very creative bass player and artist who has played on all our Celtish & The Worship Company albums and also on albums by Linda Entwistle & Lauren Leigh. In his spare time he loves to create digital abstract art and ambient digital music soundscapes.

Gareth Davies Jones

Gareth is a full-time travelling singer/songwriter and folk artists with many albums to his name. He produced Julie's Balcombe Bridge album and his beautiful acoustic sounds feature on three of our Celtish albums.

Kevin Burns