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About Sounds of Wonder

'Sounds of Wonder' was established in 2015 to encourage Christian artists who we believe are carrying sounds from heaven but who have limited recording experience or resources. We hope to facilitate a recording process for them and produce their music with excellence. Sounds of Wonder also exists to bring together all the strands of music ministry that we are involved in into one place. 

As Christian musicians, we believe music and sound are vital in our times of worship and intercession. Often during these times and also when we play and perform Celtic music, we have experienced God's tangible presence, changing the atmosphere.  We have heard from many people who have been deeply touched and even healed during the music, whether at small local gatherings, concerts or large international conferences. We know that God 'inhabits the praises of His people' but when His Spirit moves even through our SOUNDS alone, all we can do is stand in awe and WONDER.

About Julie and Nigel

Julie Cameron-Hall, an English folk singer and classically trained violin player recorded her first CD in 2006 and  now has a total of five albums to her name (Julie Hall), the two most recent of which launched her more into the prophetic worship arena in England and throughout Europe. All of Julie's recordings  are still available to buy.


Nigel Cameron, a percussionist / Irish whistle player, photographer and worship leader from Belfast, recorded his first solo album of worship songs, 'Sunrise to Sunset' in 2012, while on a career break from the Civil Service.  In 2014 he also recorded a kids album of all-age songs called 'Get Real'



Nigel and Julie first met through an international worship gathering in Poland, married in 2014 and now travel widely as 'musicianaries' throughout Europe and beyond, not least with their international group The Worship Company, whose 2015 album 'Emerald' was the first to be recorded under their Sounds of Wonder label. They are also members of the classical improvisation group Epiphany whose 2015 album 'Into the Deep'  featured songs by them both. Two further Sounds of Wonder albums were produced in 2016 - Maggie Jemmet's 'Lost and Found Musical' and 'Celtish', Nigel and Juliie's first instrumental album. 2017 saw the release of 'Sounds of Wonder', Julie's baby music resource (book & CD) and also 'Celtish Christmas' album. 2018 brought Maggie Jemmett's second production 'Patrick the Musical' and in 2019 'Celtish Devotion' was Nigel & Julie's new recording but in the same year they also produced Rodney Gale's debut album 'Pilgrim Road'.  March 2020 saw the release of The Worship Company's new album 'Ring of Fire' featuring Wytze Valkema and in February 2021, 'Celtish Home', an album created during lockdown, was released. 'Heaven Sings' is an album by worship leader David Hadden, released Sept 2021 and 'Celtish Christmas (Vol.2)' was released Nov 2021.

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Celtic Music by Nigel & Julie
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Classical/ Improvisation Group
Classical/ Improvisation Group

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by Maggie Jemmett
'Sounds of Wonder' Baby Music Resources
'Sounds of Wonder' Baby Music Resources
The Prodical Son Musical
The Prodical Son Musical

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As well as performing as Celtish and ministering with Epiphany or The Worship Company, we regularly get asked to lead worship, sometimes with a small team, or to add our Celtic sounds to an existing band or recording session. 

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