Pyjama Musings

Daily Christian devotionals, recorded live each morning.

Each one features a song

performed by Julie.


Lockdown Music

During lockdown 2020-2021, with limited technology at home,

Nigel has been been recording some topical songs and instrumentals:

New Interview

Celtish Journey Album

New Song & Video

Celtish Christmas (Vol. 2) Album

Celtish Home Album

Celtish Devotion Album

Celtish Christmas Album

New Christmas Music

Celtish (Instrumental) Album

Julie Hall Music

Nigel Cameron Music

New Single (2024)

'Get Real' Album

'Sunrise the Sunset' Album

Maggie Jemmett Music

 Jim & Sue Socci

The Worship Company Music

Lightning storm footage with music from 'Emerald' album:

Sometimes God speaks in very creative ways: 

Rodney Gale

Epiphany Music