N e w   S o n g   &   V i d e o

N e w   A l b u m

O U T   N O W   O N   C D

N e w   S i n g l e

C e l t i s h   D e v o t i o n

I n s t r u m e n t a l   A l b u m

C h r i s t m a s   M u s i c

T o u r  S c h e d u l e

Our story

As individual artists, Nigel Cameron & Julie Hall, we have both had long established experience in performing and recording Celtic music.  Ever since we first met each other, we have been playing and performing Celtic music together.  Now working as a married couple, the sound we make together has been recorded on two 'Celtish' albums with high production values. 

Our Mission

Under the name 'Celtish' we seek to use the uniqueness and popularity of Celtic music to bring joy, peace and blessing to as wide an audience as possible and to help build bridges between Church & community at home and especially abroad.  We hope to dispel some of the myths about the ancient Celts, and also share personal stories of our Christian faith. 


Whist 'Celtish'  was the name of our first album, it also serves as the band name when we perform Celtic folk music at home or abroad, often with guest musicians to supplement our sound.  

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