The Story of a Rebel, Slave and Saint

b y   M a g g i e   J e m m e t t 

Music by Maggie Jemmett & Nigel Cameron

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Maggie Jemmett was heading for a career in medicine, when she suddenly changed course and instead plumped for a career in what she loved – music!


Having spent three years at The Royal College of Music, studying piano and oboe, she reluctantly applied for a teaching course at St Mark and St John College in London. Not only did she find that she loved the challenge of teaching, but she also met the love of her life, Kevin. God had his plans!

Throughout her life she has not only been involved in teaching music in schools (as an instrumental teacher, a specialist music teacher, a primary teacher and a music advisory teacher) and also in her leisure time within a church setting (leading worship, writing songs for kid’s clubs and directing musicals.)


In her final few years of teaching Maggie ran a drama academy and conducted the Brighton and Hove Community Choir: probably the most fun time of her career. It seems that God has combined all her gifts so that they were ready for writing this musical.


(Resumé: Royal College of Music; music teacher and music advisory teacher; conductor, Brighton and Hove Community Choir; director of a Drama Academy; and  led musicals performed at the Ascension in Brighton.)  

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‘Patrick The Musical’ tells the amazing story of Ireland’s own Patron Saint: a story of forgiveness, hope, doubt, fear and courage. With its strong catchy melodies, dramatic Celtic vibes and foot-tapping rhythms it tells of a life that changed Ireland forever. 

From the colourful scenes of a Saint Patrick’s day parade, we travel back in time to hear Patrick himself describing the incredible life he lived, from wealthy teenage rebel, to a slave held captive by raiders.  We relive Patrick’s dramatic dream that set in motion events that turned Ireland upside down! 


The story of Patrick is one for all people and all seasons. Many misconceptions that have evolved over the years about his life are explored in the script: 

 Patricius, or Patrick as he is now known, was born in a place called Bannaven Taburniae, a coastal town in SW Britain or NW France (but most scholars believe it to have been in South Wales.) The dates of his birth and death are not really known but he lived during the latter part of the 4th and former part of the 5th Century. His first church was established in 432 AD in a barn in Saul in County Down near Strangford Lough, where it is believed he landed. Two writings of his are preserved to this day which provide us with the story of Patrick: “The Confession”, which includes an admission of a wrongdoing when he was fifteen; and “Letter to Coroticus”, a High King of Strathclyde, who attacked, killed and kidnapped Christians who had just been baptized.

After the Musical opens in the present day with St Patrick’s Day revellers enjoying themselves near a Parade on 17th March, we are then transported back to the 4th/ 5th Century into a British Roman-style community where Patrick grew up with his parents, Calpernius and Conchessa. The story then unfolds using a series of flashbacks described by both narrators and by old Patrick who tells young people about his life: 

From comfortable beginnings where he is surrounded by Christian believers, yet has no faith himself; to capture by Irish raiders who abuse him, selling him into slavery in Ireland; to experiencing visions as he guards the sheep, encountering Jesus in a spiritual awakening which totally transforms his life; to escape in a ship and the first miracle of provision; thence back to his homeland where he studies scripture; to another vision where he hears the call to return to Ireland; and finally, despite opposition, his decision to answer God’s call and dedicate the remainder of his life to taking God’s love to the pagans of Ireland, by returning to the land where he had been so mistreated.

 On his return to Ireland he encounters Dichu, a high king in County Down who becomes the first convert. Quickly others see the freedom that Jesus brings through forgiveness and grace, and very soon Patrick establishes numbers of churches across the country in the Judeo-Christian tradition. [Note: within a century, subsequent converts like Brendan, Aidan and Bridgit then spread the Gospel to Scotland, Wales, Northern England and even to Nova Scotia! Ireland really did become the land of Saints and Scholars.] The Musical ends with a declaration by 5th century folk and also by the modern-day characters who have attended the Parade. The attitude of the people has changed. They no longer want to live just for themselves, but for Christ and for others. 


CD (ACT) 1


1. Prelude  2. Cheers  3. Surprises

4. Rebellion  5. Trusting  6. The Confession

7. The Capture  8/9/10. Hilltop Experience

11. The Vision  12. The Coast  13. Heave Away

14. Decisions  15. Please Pray  16. Results

17. Praise the Lord  18. The Battle

19. Homecoming  20. The Call to Ireland



CD (ACT) 2

1 Accusations  2. Response  3. The Return

4. I’ll Live for Christ  5. First Church

6. Celebration  7. Tragedy Strikes

8. Letter to Coroticus  9. Lament

10. Joy Replaces Tears  11. The Patron Saint

12. Pull Together

Bonus tracks:  13. Celtic Jubilee

14. Give Me Your Vision  15. Patrick Themes

16. I’ll Live for Christ (Extended reprise)


Narrator - Julie Cameron Hall

Calpernius  (Patrick’s Father) - John Perry

Conchessa  (Patrick’s Mother) - Jan Holt

Children: Austyn Emmanuel,

Amber Fallon, Lily Peters

Old Patrick - Nigel Cameron 

Young Patrick - Samuel Wakeford

Ship’s Captain - Mike White

Sailor - Kevin Jemmett



Victoricus (angel) - Mike White

Bishops - Kevin Jemmett

Designatus (Patrick’s friend) - Tim Norris

Dichu (Irish High King) - Tim Norris

Dichu’s Daughter - Brittney Cameron

Other Soloists: Emily Taylor, Maggie Jemmett

Chorus: Brittney Cameron, Julie Cameron-Hall,

Nigel Cameron, Kevin Jemmett,

Maggie Jemmett, Chris Smith

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