16th December 2018 - Hurstpierpoint College


11th March 2018 - Strandtown Baptist Church

"Patrick - The Musical! An inspirational, amazing, goose bump raising, uplifting performance.☘️

If it’s near you I highly recommend it!  Thank you to all involved with the production!" Peter Quigley

"A truly inspiring, challenging and powerful musical based on the story of St Patrick. The music was brilliant but it was the testimony of Patrick himself to the grace of God in his life as well as his passion for the gospel and for the people of Ireland that inspired me the most. You have GOT to see this! I guarantee you will be inspired by what you see. I can't recommend it highly enough. Don't miss it!" Paul Cameron


12th March 2018 - An Cuan YWAM Centre


13th March 2018 - Saint Patrick Centre


14th March 2018 - Sean Hollywood Arts Centre

Rebel, Slave and Saint