All-Age Worship Playlist

For many years Nigel was regularly involved in leading kids praise and all-age worship events. Here he has put together a playlist of 50 of his favourite worship songs for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages!

'GET REAL' Album

Nigel's worship album for kids  (of all ages)

For many years Nigel was involved in children's ministry, including directing worship teams for Holiday Bible Clubs at his church in Belfast where he worked on staff as worship co-ordinator. The songs on this album were almost all birthed at these holiday clubs and embraced by hundreds of children of all ages. Aware that adults usually cringe at much of the music children listen to, Nigel started to dream about recording some of his songs in a way that would appeal to all ages. In 2014 the dream became a reality and he hopes that this album will be a valuable resource, not only for Sunday Schools and Holiday Bible Clubs, but for families, schools and all-age worship gatherings. 

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''Packed full of Bible truth, expressed in simple, jargon-free language that makes it accessible to people of all ages.''


''Each song is memorable and easy to sing along to but with so many layers to the music as well as to the meaning of the songs, you will want to listen to them and use them over and over again!''


Paul Cameron, (Scripture Union)


"I remember travelling with my children, feeling a little frustrated at listening to children's songs on repeat (which they clearly enjoyed) while longing for something more adult!

This collection aims to address this parental problem, and up to the teenage years mostly achieves this fine balance.

The opener "Like A Telescope" is a great example, a contemporary mix of drum-driven music, thoughtful lyrics and an infectious chorus which sticks with you (and a children's choir for good measure!). "Seaside Rock" is a clever mix of rock'n'roll, jazz and lyrics comparing The Rock with crumbling seaside rock! "Song For David" feels like it's aimed more at a younger age group with lyrics such as "David was a shepherd boy/He wasn't very tall".

Overall this is a superb collection which addresses the problem faced by all generations!"


Cross Rhythms 9/10


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Like a Telescope

Get Real

Seaside Rock  (Not on CD: available as download only)

Jesus Be My Rock

Just Like Paddington Bear

Stay on the Track

Go for Gold

Song of David

Desert Dance

Walls Come Tumbling Down

For Such a Time as This

Jesus United

'Get Real' Album Recording

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