Celtic Music by Nigel Cameron

& Julie Cameron-Hall

Christmas album

 'CELTISH CHRISTMAS' is the first vocal album we have made together and is the fifth project to be recorded under our 'Sounds of Wonder' record label.  Traditional Christmas carols are given the full Celtic treatment with some new and alternative melodies thrown in to enhance the timeless poetry.  Guest musicians Dave Bainbridge and Phil Hart add their talents to join in celebration of the Prince of Peace who 'came on earth to end all strife'.   

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Celtish Christmas      Concert with Epiphany

Nigel & Julie were guest soloists at Epiphany's 'Christmas Classics' concert  on 22nd Dec 2017

Instrumental Album

'CELTISH' was the title of the first recording we (Nigel & Julie) made of our own unique sound and the third project to be recorded under our 'Sounds of Wonder' record label.  


It takes the form of an instrumental album featuring Celtic melodies that we love and powerful new compositions, played on Irish whistles and fiddle/violin. Whist 'Celtish' is the name of our first album, it also serves as the band name when we perform Celtic folk music at home or abroad, with guest musicians to supplement our sound. Find out more about our concerts here.

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Our Story

Individually, we have both had long established experience in performing and recording Celtic music.  Ever since we first met each other, we have been playing and performing Celtic music together.  Now, for the very first time, the sound that we make together has been recorded on the album 'Celtish'.

Our Mission

Under the name 'Celtish' we seek to use Celtic music as a vehicle to dispel some of the myths about the ancient Celts, to share our personal stories and Christian faith, and to help build bridges between Church & community at home and especially abroad.

Our Music