'Fearsomely talented...  both beautiful and inspiring'   Crossrhythms Magazine

With roots based in the acoustic/folk tradition, Julie Hall is a trained violinist and singer whose first album Bluebells Rising was released in 2004.  This received excellent reviews in the music press and gained nominations for the BBC sponsored GEM awards in two categories, best female artist and best single for 'Even an Angel'.

A second album Days of Wine was released in 2006 and followed by Balcombe Bridge in 2009. 

Her most recent albums Father's House (2011) and Warrior Bride (2013) launched her into the arena of prophetic worship.

Worship Albums

Warrior Bride

'"Eight tracks that refresh the soul... the album is a delight... all in all, this album is a terrific listen"

Recorded in 2013, this album of Julie's heartfelt worship songs (and one by Wytze Valkema) has a powerful anointing from start to finish.  Drawing from folk, Celtic and rock styles and featuring guest appearances from Dave Bainbridge (lead guitar) and Corrinne Frost (cello), this is an album that will draw you into the presence of God where you will long to stay! 

"On this, her fifth release, Julie ministers beautifully in song with eight tracks that refresh the soul. The opening "Through The Doorway" leads the listener to explore the intimacy in worship that Julie brings to the fore. With her superb violin accompaniment which is added to by a varied array of instruments including Dave Bainbridge's bouzouki, the album is a delight. "The Day Of The Bride And Her Bridegroom" is catchy with is upbeat Celtic folk arrangement. The title track could almost be an Iona cut with Dave Bainbridge's guitar lifting the song and listener to respond to the call contained within the lyrics.

All in all, this album is a terrific listen." (Cross Rhythms 8/10)

My Father's House

Recorded at Raindance Studios, Stourbridge in 2011,

this is Julie's first album of her own worship songs.

Folk albums

'Songs that are finely crafted with strong melodies that remain in the mind... a beautiful and unique talent that deserves to be heard by many' 

                                                                                                                                         Simon Richardson,   Mychristianbands.com

Balcombe Bridge

''An absolute pictorial delight... an album you can't help but experience''

Julie's most accomplished 'folk' album produced by folk singer Gareth Davies Jones in 2009. ''This latest collaboration with poet and lyricist Robert Eggleston is an absolute pictorial delight, Julie Hall has a voice of such haunting fragility, its subtle persuasion filters out all other distractions. From song to sensitive song you'll find yourself dreaming her worlds, taking on her journey, finishing off her stories. And it is all so unforced. The essence of it is, I'm sure in her personality; it is certainly there in the poetry and in the music - Robert Eggleston's imaginative lyrics, Hall's musical ideas, the understated arrangements and playing - all work beautifully. Julie takes on some big themes - alienation ("My Heart Is A Dangerous Place"), Celtic ("Veni Sancte Spiritus"), slavery ("Our Flesh Is Not For Sale") - but you'd never know it; somehow they are treated to the same honesty and intimacy as "Bird With A Broken Wing" where her own vulnerability is on display. And that's what marks it out - the faintly elusive thread, the mystery and metaphor that is Balcombe Bridge. It is an album you can't help but experience.'' (Cross Rhythms 8/10)


Days of Wine

''A voice reminiscent of Iona's Joanne Hogg''

"Julie Hall's follow up to 2004's acclaimed 'Bluebells Rising' album. As with her debut album, this collection of songs, co-written by lyricist Robert Eggleston, has a largely folksy feel to it, with some beautiful Celtic harmonies thrown in for good measure. With a voice reminiscent of Iona's Joanne Hogg and a refreshing use of melody instruments such as violin, wooden flute and saxophone this album has many beautiful moments.  Julie and Robert have crafted an album of heartfelt lyrics with a rich, textured sound that lifts the listener and takes them on a journey with their Maker.'' (Cross Rhythms 8/10)


Bluebells Rising

''Beautiful and inspiring''

Released in 2004. This album received excellent reviews in the music press and gained nominations for the BBC sponsored GEM awards in two categories, best female artist and best single for 'Even an Angel'. '' Julie, along with songwriting partner Robert Eggleston, have very generously produced this debut album to benefit West Midlands based evangelistic organisation Saltmine Trust.  Soft keyboard tones and gentle acoustic guitar accompany Julie's fine folky voice through nine inspirational selections, some of which are embellished by Julie's aforementioned talents on the violin. julie is fearsomely talented. This is both beautiful and inspiring,'' (Cross Rhythms 7/10)