How the musical came to be written

The ‘real’ story of Patrick is little known. Before I researched about his life I would have said he was a Catholic Irish Saint, but after reading “The Real Patrick” by John Holmes and “Chosen” by Kevin Sambrook, I learned it is more likely that he was brought up in a Judeo-Christian tradition.  One thing is for sure - his story is for everyone: a story of brutality, forgiveness, hope, doubt, fear, courage, struggle, determination, self-sacrifice – but mostly about love. God’s love! It shows that with God all things are possible!  He could have chosen to hate instead of love, to resent the people who had abused him, but instead he chose to forgive and love them. We need that today! Through that love a nation was changed and the Celtic Saints who followed Patrick helped to change Europe.


After my first musical “Lost and Found” (based on the Prodigal Son) was performed in April 2017, I took a week’s holiday with my family and was preparing to relax: but God had other plans for me!  Before the week was over I had begun composing this musical. I knew that collaborating again with Kevin (my husband)  Julie & Nigel (Sounds of Wonder) and Chris (Raindance Music) would be right, as each have skills and gifts which combine together perfectly. Unbeknown to me, Julie and Nigel had been on the annual St. Patrick’s Day ‘pilgrimage’ from Saul Church to Down Cathedral (on 17th March) that year, so when on 1st May we met to share my vision, they were excited beyond words.  Later on the South Downs, we couldn’t believe our eyes as we looked down on a spectacular rainbow, not in the sky, but over the land (see Kevin’s photo in centrefold). Surely this was a sign from God to seal our plans.


On St Patrick’s Trail. Nigel led us on a research trail later in May.  By the end of August, the first draft of the musical was completed. In September, we were back in NI with international friends whose only outing was to visit the Saul Church (site of Patrick’s first church in AD 432). After praying there about the musical, we stepped outside and, guess what? - another rainbow!



Making this CD has been an exciting journey, whilst also preparing for a 4 day tour to perform the musical in NI.  It appeared to be a daunting task, but God has led every step of the way and enabled all the difficulties to be overcome. Who knows what will happen next!

May Patrick’s story inspire you to seek God, whatever situation you are in. As I look back on my life, I see all the ways I went wrong, but I also see that God has been preparing and guiding me from my childhood to complete this task: I will be seventy this year and It seems late in my life to be doing this – but then Moses was eighty before he started!

Maggie Jemmett

Rebel, Slave and Saint