Sunday 9th April 2017                                                   (Burgess Hill Girls School)

Watch the whole performance here:

April 2016                                                                       (Torch Trust Chapel, Hurstpierpoint)

The debut performance turned out to be a fantastic night, with a real sense of community felt by everyone involved and the power of the story impacting everyone present. We sang a concert version with narration which was rehearsed in three sessions, with only one full rehearsal on the afternoon of the performance itself! It hadn’t been planned that way, but it was very useful to know that it could be done very easily in only a few rehearsals as the participants were able to listen at home (or in the car) to the tracks that Chris had produced while we were away. There were 16 performers in all, and they moved me to tears with their enthusiasm. I had asked one of the young singers to tell her own story of how she had been in the depths of despair when a friend had introduced her to Jesus and had walked with her through her healing process. The essence of her story I later incorporated into the song “Set Free”(track 20). God’s love has certainly set her free, like an emerging butterfly, and on the night of our debut performance, at least one other person (that we know of) was also set free by the power of the Father’s love. Hallelujah!