Compact Disc

The Lost and Found CD has been produced as a resource for teaching and learning the Musical. The 5 soloists share all the parts on the CD. There are 33 songs in total, some being very short. Some songs have been linked together in order to demonstrate where the story should move smoothly on, which is outlined in the libretto/ lyrics. Thus the CD itself has 22 tracks. The CD can be purchased from the Sounds of Wonder 'shop' page by clicking  HERE


MP3 downloads

MP3 tracks are available for all 33 songs.

A number of different versions are available:: 

(1) the full musical version and (2) the accompaniment backing tracks (instruments only)

can both be purchased from CDBaby via the links below:   


Full Musical (digital album):


Backing Tracks (Instruments only)

(3) Backing (plus chorus) tracks have the instrumental backing for solo parts but with the chorus backing vocals added in some songs (parts for altos and tenor/ baritones). These would be ideal for a small production where the chorus could be supported by the recording.

(4) Chorus rehearsal tracks (with individual harmony parts isolated) can also be provided if necessary for specific songs on request. 

Please contact us if you are interested in access to these additional resources.


The number of rehearsals can be reduced if those taking part can download MP3s of the songs (or purchase a CD) for personal practice. 

Libretto and Music

The following resources are available to download (PDFs)  


Full Musical Version:

·       Lyrics (libretto/ script)  (16pt. Arial font)            

·       Lyrics (libretto/ script) (12pt. Arial font)   

·       Lead sheets of all music with chords

·       Lyrics with chords (16pt.)

·       Lyrics with chords (12pt.)


Musical with Narration:

·       Lyrics with narration  (16pt.)

·       Lyrics with narration (12pt.)

·       Lead sheets of music with chords

·       Lyrics with chords (16pt.)

·       Lyrics with chords (12pt.)



We can tailor a package of resources to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information:

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